Monday, 23 March 2015

Weeks 17 and 18

Last week's update didn't happen because of only having a one day weekend and being ill.  So this week is a 2-fer, and it was a productive 2 weeks.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Week 16

Well, rather a lot got accomplished this week.  I've made advancements in all areas.  I want to discuss Garrison buildings but I spent time this week tracking and analyzing work orders and daily cooldowns to determine it's true cost and therefore profitability, so my time today is running short so that post will have to wait for another time.

Instead I present my standing at the end of the my first week of tracking progress.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Inventory Time

If I am going to monitor progress and keep an even hand on the wheel, I need to ascertain where things stand today.  Then progress, no matter how minute, can truly be determined, and the knowledge of progress will help bolster my efforts.

To be honest, I find the prospect rather daunting, but sooner started, sooner finished.

Taking Stock

So, here we are, 15 and a half weeks since Warlords of Draenor launched.

I played feverishly for 6 weeks and made decent progress, then Christmas and all of its inherent busyness and visitors threw me of kilter.  After things settled down again, I got back into playing poker and that absorbed all my attention for a while.  I ended up being away from WoW for 8 weeks. Needless to say, I am behind the curve.  I have some catching up to do, and I'm a little hazy on which character was doing what and why.  This seems as good a time as any to do a stock taking of the situation and lay out my plans and set some sort of a routine for myself.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Because I Want Desperately to Be Wrong

I've been inspired to write another post, and to give WoW another go.  There is still so much about the game that I love, and so much that I miss that is irrevocably gone.  I feel another bout of it is necessary because I think it's in the process of suicide and I want more of it before it's gone.

Last night I was reading the comments of an article on WoW Insider, namely that the commenter wanted his bike and had to make sure he logged into the game before September 30th.  This piqued my curiousity and sent me to Google.  Now, I preface the rest by stating that no, I have not in fact been living under a rock for the past several months.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Leaving for Vacation to Middle Earth

Having completed Eternally in the Vale and the Barrens stuff just in time, I am feeling much less pressure to play WoW.  With about 2 weeks of solid effort I was able to hit exalted with Nat Pagle, the Anglers, the Tiller and the Golden Lotus.

It felt good to get them all done, it presents me with more options.  Initially my thoughts turned to gearing and having finally clawed my way up to the required ilevel despite having not done any dungeons and only the scenarios required to open up the 5.1 content, I plunged into an LFR.  I had grand and sweeping plans for the gear grind, and mapped out how to spend my Valor before 5.4 hits. Then, as I considered my gemming and enchanting plans I rather fell out of love with the idea. 

That's the part that really sucks, the thousand upon thousands of gold you need to spend, repeatedly, only to have all your hard won, lovingly coddled and pampered gear rendered utterly irrelevant once you earn your first quest reward in the next expansion.  So, I'm not doing it.  I utterly refuse to spend the next 12 months on the gold grind and gear grind, I have better things to do with my time Blizzard, thank you very much.

To really make sure that this mindset sticks, and because I am rather bored with dailies and Pandaria as a whole, I am taking a WoW-cation.  I am going back to play Lord of the Rings.

To me it's novel and fresh.  The graphics are different.  The music is different, with nary a Kazoo to be found.  It presents new challenges and unlike WoW I don't know every single corner and facet like the back of my hand.  There also lacks the dearth of information that is available for WoW.  WoW has been dissected, examined, played and written about by so many people that there is simply very little to write about it, bar op ed pieces.  Even new encounters and things that come with patches are stale as everyone and their dog plays the PTR and writes about it.  Hell, even the speculation is stale.  Truly my only remaining interest in the game is seeing where the story goes.

LotRO on the other hand is new (for me).  Not the main story, of course.  I've read the novels 3 times a year, every year for the past 20+ years.  I could almost quote it verbatim.  What is new is the game world and quests and characters that populate it.  Adding to the novelty is the fact that there is no 'Lotro-head' or 'Lotro-Insider'.  There aren't 1,000 bloggers writing about it every day.  There is information to be found, but you really have to hunt and search for it, and it's not always complete.  The game therefore presents the opportunity for learning and experimentation.  You cannot simply spend a few hours reading and preparing and then barrel to level cap within a week.

If and when I do return to WoW, anything WoW related will be posted to the Inveniam Blog.  In the meantime I have resurrected a once started, then abandoned site, Tales From the Green Dragon which is expressly for LotRO.  This site will be, going forward, a general site, tied to no game in particular.

So, if you're a LotRO player or are interested in getting to know something about the game, visit me at Tales From the Green Dragon.


Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Thank you all for your patience.  Page and article migration is complete.  Inveniam is shaping up quite nicely and I've made introductions there today.