Saturday, 22 June 2013

A Bit of Housekeeping

Today marks the launch of a separate blog for my current pet project, Inveniam.  While drafting a new post and creating some pages, I quickly came to realize that I have so much information I want to share, not only updates on the project but also information I have gathered and insights I have, that this place was going to get very untidy very quickly.

Henceforth general topics will be addressed here and anything specifically related to my big fat meta-goal will be covered over at Inveniam.  I've put a link on the sidebar of each blog for easy navigation.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce a new blogger, Lankybrit.  Lanky is well known on the Wowhead Forums as a fellow inveterate altoholic and I am very glad he has finally dipped his toe into the blogosphere.  Lanky has probably rolled and deleted more alts that most of us have ever started, and his skill in the arena of leveling is legendary. 

He has recently decided to start completely fresh and deleted (gasp!  I know!) all of his old toons (to completely remove temptation) and bought a shiny new account.  I look forward to watching his progress in his new venture.

I am in the process of sorting out tables and whatnot to post on Inveniam, so I beg your patience in the interim.


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  1. I'm flattered and humbled by your comments about me. Thanks very much. I will follow all your goings on both here and in game.