Monday, 6 April 2015

Week 20/12

This has been sort of a strange week, sort of a two steps forward, two steps back sort of deal.  As I've been gaining traction with the garrison, I've also been yearning to do something other than chores, chores and more chores.  Really though, I suppose I ought to be generally pleased as I really only  have 12 weeks in Draenor seeing as how I buggered off for 8 weeks from the end of December through to the end of February.  Post titles will reflect that from now on.

I finally finished levelling the last of the 6 on my main account, Ironicah.  Then I blew a ton of gold and garrison resources filling out her garrison and upgrading all the buildings to level 3.  I didn't make a lot of it back as the prices on Silver Hand continue to be in the toilet.  Time to switch gears I think; the number of competitors in my markets has exploded.  As an example, this morning's scan revealed 25 pages of Raw Beast Hide.  Mind you, a lot of that is the result of the idiots who post 868 single auctions, but the end result is the supply is high, so the prices are low.  I see less than no need to liquidate stock at bargain prices, so I'll find something else to hawk for now.  Plus, it may be a good time to start building a stockpile for the eventual next patch and all that it brings. 

Once the patch hits, the majority will be out and about, diving into new content, that will shrink supply since you can only do so much with your allocated play time and new content will eat up most of that.  Secondly, the new patch will surely bring new recipes for crafted upgrades, which will increase demand sharply in the short run.  Better to be prepared.  If prices continue to slide, I will probably start buying.

I think I may chuck some of my barns this week in favour of Inns.  I'm not really sure about this yet.  The cost is a bit offputting, and Pyxni my favourite dust girl finally made an appearance yesterday and I accordingly traded all but 1k GR on all my toons,  so GR is a bit low at the moment.  I trade GR down to a 1k threshold and I don't really like going below that number, so we'll see about the Inns.

The last half of the week I spent entirely outside of the Garrison.  I took Eccentricah back to Pandaria and finished off questing in most of the zones.  I think I have a little left to do in Krasarang and then she is finished.  I also spent the time doing Pandaria dailies.  They are really still quite profitable, afterall.  I spent Mists working on my second account almost exclusively, and so there is absolutely buckets still to be done on my main account.  Also, I find it rather nice to be flying over the terrain again, and Pandaria really is quite beautiful.

I dove back into the Tillers and the Anglers to finish those up, plugged away at Klaxxi, Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, Order of the Cloud Serpent and August Celestials, started the Shieldwall campaign, toodled about on Timeless Island and was amused to discover I can solo Cinderfall, finally opened up the dailies on Isle of Thunder and took my first trip out to the Isle of Giants.  I racked up a bunch of new achievements, bagged a couple of new pets, and inched closer to more mounts in the process.  If I can streamline the Garrison a bit more to further reduce the time requirement I think I'll be spending the time saved in Pandaria.

I think Character and Account improvement reports will wait till next week.  All the attendant fuss of Easter Weekend had made me a little pressed for time today, and I want to try to squeeze in a couple of raid runs before lockouts reset, also the Faire is up, and I may try to push a few toons through there for the profession quests.

So the goals for this week include making headway in levelling up my 3 danglers, doing more LFR, working on building my stockpile, investigating Inns and BiS  lists a bit more, and plugging away at Pandaria.



  1. Awesome progress. BTW, if you haven't seen it, WoW Tokens go live tomorrow. 10am Pacific. So, get your game time for your gold, if you want.

  2. Thanks :) Yeah, I saw. I'm not really at the place I want to be goldwise yet though. Soon (tm).