Monday, 9 March 2015

Week 16

Well, rather a lot got accomplished this week.  I've made advancements in all areas.  I want to discuss Garrison buildings but I spent time this week tracking and analyzing work orders and daily cooldowns to determine it's true cost and therefore profitability, so my time today is running short so that post will have to wait for another time.

Instead I present my standing at the end of the my first week of tracking progress.

Account wide

Achievement Points: 11335 
 Most of this is due to progress in Legacy Raids and Dungeons.  New for this week is

Garrison -  My Item Level is Higher Than Yours, Working in Draenor and Upgrading the Mill
Vortex Pinnacle - No Static At All
Firelands - Death From Above, Share the Pain, Firelands
Dragonsoul - Don't Stand So Close to Me, Heroic Warlord Zonozz, Heroic Yor'shajj,
                      Heroic Hagara The Stormbinder, Heroic Ultraxion, Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn
Zul Gurub - Spirit Twister, Ring Out, Tunnel Vision, Heroic Zul Aman

Mounts: 130 - Malygos finally gave up Reins of the Azure Drake and Reins of the Blue Drake

Pets: 217 - New for the week is Mojo from Zul Gurub,and the Ancient Nest Guardian from Archaeology

Toys and Heirlooms: Nothing new

Gold: 252, 956g - a gain of 77, 252g.  Quite a nice week on the AH.  I had resigned myself to being a farmer since crafted goods have been tricky to sell.  My analysis of crafting might have changed my mind, but this area deserves a discussion and post of it's own.


No one else hit max level this week.  I put a bit of time in slightly levelling 3 characters on my other account.  They are now at 92/92 and 94.  I wanted to get their garrisons up to level 2 and get some production going.  More on them another time.

- ilevel - up to 608, a gain of 12 points overall.  Thanks mainly to 3 nice 645 items from follower missions and a couple of 630 pieces from Salvage.
- Professions - no new recipes
                      - Tailoring is now capped
                      - Archaeology 551 - gain of 10 points
- Garrison - Upgraded the Trading Post to level 3
- Quests - 9421 - Gain of 12
- Dailies - 3439 - Gain of 7

-ilevel - up to 610 - 5 point gain - new 645 boots from a follower mission and 615 gloves.
- Professions - Archaeology 570 - gain of 10 points
- Garrison - upgraded Trading Post to level 3
- Quests and Dailies - none done

- ilevel - up to 597, a gain of 24 points.  Got a few 610 and 615 pieces from salvage and missions
- Professions - Archaeology 131 - 1 point gain
- Garrison - Followers - 21 - I picked up the missing ones (Hulda Shadowblade, Admiral Taylor and
                                              Lantressor and promptly put them to work in my buildings).  Also new
                                              is Kimzee Pinchwistle
                  -  Buildings - upgraded the Lumber Mill to level 3, got the Salvage Yard built finally and
                                        levelled that up to level 3
- Quests -  2681 - 109 new quests to get the Salvage Yard and the followers I was 598missing
- Dailies - 50 - 7 more than last week - gogo alchemy quests

- ilevel - 598 - a gain of 33 points - quest rewards and follower mission rewards
- Professions - Enchanting now up to 693 - 7 point gain
- Garrison - Followers - 20 -  same additions as for Morrisminor - Kimzee Pinchwistle, Admiral
                                               Taylor, Hulda Shadowblade and Lantressor.  All buildings now have
                                               followers hard at work
                  - Buildings - Dumped the Inn and got a Trading Post and upgraded that to level 3, got the
                                       Salvage Yard and got that upgraded to level 3 also.  Barracks were upgraded
                                       to level 2.  All Barracks will eventually be upgraded to level 3 for the extra
                                       follower room.
- Quests - 4701 - 95 new quests in Spires of Arak and Nagrand in search of followers
- Dailies - 244 - 40 more than last week - I think this is another one of those famous armoury bugs
                          because I really can't think of what Dailies she might have done.

- ilevel - 598 - gain of 27 points from quest gear and follower missions
- Professions - Herbalism now 700 - Yay, Herb Garden
                      - Archaeology - 321 - 1 point gain
- Garrison - Followers - 20 - same additions as Larrisah and Morrisminor
                  - Buildings - Trading Post and Storehouse were upgraded to level 3 and I have added the
                    Salvage Yard and upgraded it fully to level 3
- Quests - 5317 - 102 new quests in Spires of Arak and Nagrand
- Dailies - nothing new

- level 96 - pushed her up a level to open up the Herb Garden
- ilevel - 544 - gain of 6 points from questing gear
- Professions - Engineering now 700
- Garrison - Followers - 11 - Got my hands on Magister Serena from Talador.
                 - Buildings -  Added the Herb Garden and upgraded it to level 2
- Quests - 755 - 68 new quests
- Dailies - 39 - 7 new ones - gogo Blingtron


I am happy with the progress this week in all areas.  My garrisons are coming along quite nicely and I seeing some solid profit potential with level 3 Trading Posts on all level 100 characters and level 3 storehouses on my two gatherers.  I may switch out Madmurray's Enchanting Building as 2 of the 3 characters I am bringing along on my other account have Enchanting.  The profit margin on Enchanter produced Temporal Crystals is much better than on non-professionals.  I will have to examine the other professions in  more depth to find a suitable replacement.

For this upcoming week I would like to level the tag-alongs to at least level 96 and finish levelling Ironicah to level 100.  I don't think I will hit LFR ilevel this week, but I will probably be there the week after.  I think if I can find time this week I may compose another post, to really examine buildings in more depth.



  1. Good work. For Gearing, you did check out my gearing guide on wowhead, right? Surely you have enough Apexis Crystals for an item or two that will up your iLvL.

    I notice that on a lot of alts, you say you're at 20 followers. No level 3 Barracks for upping the number to 25?

    And 77K for the week? Wow. That's really good.

    1. Hiya.

      Unfortunately I have been rather remiss in doing Apexis Dailies. I'm getting close to having enough for an upgrade, but I'm not quite there yet. I have read your guide, but I'll have another look to see where I can make some headway.

      I have a few characters who have had to deactivate followers, and I have been thinking of making the upgrades to the Barracks. Reading another guide on Wowhead I see where I have missed a couple of followers, and I know there are more to come in Nagrand and elsewhere. I would like to have as many active as I can, so level 3 Barracks is definitely on the cards.

      Watching you blossom as an auctioneer has inspired me to push that area also. Selling off my duplicate pets defintintely helped this week. I still have quite a few high value ones left as well as two of the upgrade tokens I crafted last week. Now that I've calculated true crafting costs I think I'll be able to make some more headway this week and start using up the soulbound mats that are starting to pile up.