Monday, 23 March 2015

Weeks 17 and 18

Last week's update didn't happen because of only having a one day weekend and being ill.  So this week is a 2-fer, and it was a productive 2 weeks.

Account Wide

Achievement Points - 12270 - an increase of 935 points
I put in a couple of sessions cleaning up old raid achievements and mount hunting and bagged 88 new achievements.

WoD - Highmaul - The Walled City, Arcane Sanctum 

Cataclysm - Throne of the Four Winds - Heroic: Conclave of Wind, Heroic: Al Akir
                  - Firelands - Not an Ambi-Turner, Do A Barrel Roll

WotLK - ICC (10) - Heroic: Storming the Citadel, Heroic: The Plagueworks, Heroic: The Crimson Halls, Portal Jockey, Full House, Been Waiting a Long Time for This, Bane of the Fallen King, Neck Deep in Vile

             - Ulduar (10) - Unbroken, Shattered, Iron Dwarf Medium Rare, Can't Do That While Stunned, But I'm On Your Side, Rubble and Roll, Nine Lives, Lumberjacked, Deforestation, Getting Back to Nature, Not So Friendly Fire, Set Up Us the Bomb, I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning, The Descent Into Madness, They're Coming Out of the Walls, Kiss and Make Up, Drive Me Crazy, Three Lights in the Darkness, Two Lights in the Darkness, One Light in the Darkness, Alone in the Darkness, He's Not Getting Any Older, The Secrets of Ulduar

             - Ulduar (25) Shut Out, Unbroken, Nerf Engineering, Nerf Gravity Bombs, Must Deconstruct Faster, Heartbreaker, A Quick Shave, Stokin the Furnace, The Siege of Ulduar, I Choose You Steelbreaker, Crazy Cat Lady, The Antechamber of Ulduar, Knock on Wood, Knock Knock on Wood, Knock Knock Knock on Wood, Conspeedatory, Getting Back to Nature, Siffed, Don't Stand in the Lightning, Lose Your Illusion, I'll Take You All On, I Have the Coolest Friends, Cheese the Freeze, I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare, Friendly Fire, The Keepers of Ulduar, Shadowdodger, They're Coming Out of the Walls,  Kiss and Make Up, The Descent Into Madness, Alone in the Darkness, One Light in the Darkness, Two Lights in the Darkness, Three Lights in the Darkness, Drive Me Crazy, He's Not Getting Any Older, Secrets of Ulduar, Observed

           - Naxxramas (10) -  Momma Said Knock You Out, Shocking, Spore Loser, The Hundred Club, Just Can't Get Enough, Glory of the Raider

           - Obsidian Sanctum (10) - Less is More

           - Ruby Sanctum (10) - Heroic: The Twilight Destroyer

           - Ruby Sanctum (25) - The Twilight Destroyer, Heroic: The Twilight Destroyer

Reputation - The Ashen Verdict, 25 Exalted Repuations

Garrison - Exploration Mission Specialist, On a Massive Number of Missions

Exploration - Explore Frostfire Ridge

Mounts - 133 - New mounts are the Onyxian Drake, Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake, and the Dark War Talbuk

Pets - 218 - I picked up the Crazy Carrot from the Garrison, finally collecting enough seeds to buy it

Toys and Heirlooms - I found a few more toys and am up to 66 toys.  No new heirlooms this week

Gold - 392,390g - a nice little uptick of  139,434g over two weeks.  Garrison mission gold is certainly nice as is gold from old content runs.  AH wise I still am finding that mats sell quickly and for a reasonble price, crafted items take longer and have slim margins, and prices get cut to the ground on weekends.  I have been posting from Monday morning through till Friday morning only.  The Monday morning stuff sells once the weekend bargains are gone and the Friday morning stuff sells until the weekenders get online and start undercutting to the point of ludicrousity.  Weekends are a great time to buy, and a crappy time to sell, so I don't bother posting on weekends anymore, the loss in profits is terrible.


Not much happened in this department.  I managed to drag one of the lowbies up to level 94 to expand her mine.  I must make more of an effort this week to do some levelling.

- ilevel 620, a gain of 12 points.  I crafted myself a ring, and picked up 655 pauldrons, and a 610 helm
- Recipes - J/C 529 - between the ore trader, a few drops and a couple of vendor recipes, a net gain of 8 recipes - Tailoring 349 - one from the fur trader and one drop recipe for a gain of 2
- Garrison - no changes
- Quests - 9535 - 114 new quests done
- Dailes - 3470 - 31 new dailies done

Eccentrica dipped her toe into raiding with a foray into the first two wings of Highmaul.  I expect to run more this week now that the ice is broken.

- ilevel 625 - 15 point gain from mission rewards and a crafted ring
- Garrison - I upgraded the Scribe's Quarters to level 3
- Quests 5584 - 7 new quests done
- Dailies - nothing new

Vix started trapping elites for leather.  It is very easy and quick to do on a Deathknight.

- ilevel 603 - 6 points gained from mission reward gear and a crafted ring
- Garrison - Scribe's Quarters upgraded to level 3
- Quests - 2694 - gain of 13
- Dailies - 62 - gain of 12

Morris tried trapping elites, but it is much slower on a Paladin, so for time's sake I think I will stick to trapping normals on the two Paladins. 

- ilevel 613 - 15 point gain, again from mission rewards and a crafted ring
- Garrison - nothing new
- Quests and Dailies - nothing new

- ilevel 604 - 6 point gain.  He sports a new ring, and I upgraded his crafted gun by one level
- Garrison - nothing new
- Quests - 5317 - 1 quest done for the barn and trapping elites
- Dailies - nothing new

Trapping elites is ridiculously easy on a hunter.  I used a flask for good measure and spent the duration (1 hour) in Nagrand.  Even with an AFK, I got 38 traps in an hour.

- ilevel 557 - gain of 13 points, same reasons
- Garrison - nothing new
- Quests - 768 - 13 new
- Dailies - 51 - 12 new - gogo Blingtron


While I am very happy with gains in gold and achievements over the past two weeks, I have lapsed in other areas.  Both Eccentrica and Vix are able to now do LFR, so I shall make an effort to get them through this week, and the others are within striking distance.

I also need to finish levelling Ironicah in order to get her followers rounded out and to upgrade her garrison to benefit from follower bonuses.  I also need badly to get her a trading post.  I am very close to capping out her Garrison Resources and they need to be spent down a bit.  Hopefully I should be able to finish this task this week.

Also on the to-do list is to finish off the search for the Lumberyard follower so I can replace that building with a Trading Post.  I find my supplies of Dust running low, and two of my lowbies are enchanters, so I really need to get a move on.

Well, busy week ahead, so away we go.


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  1. Good job. So many Achievements. I need to buckle down and concentrate on them soon. Don't worry about LFR. It'll still be there in weeks to come. Your focus now should be on getting more gold so that you can play multiple accounts for free :)