Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Guilds and the Solo Player

The idea of a guild might sound counter intuitive to some soloers.  A guild connotes grouping and socialization and while that might hold in most cases its not true across the board.  I find a guild to be extremely useful.  I speak of course about Vanity Guilds although there may indeed be guilds which are home to soloers exclusively.

Guilds provide numerous benefits to the soloer

Monday, 4 February 2013

An Ounce of Preparation ...

I am a pre-planner.  Not obsessively so, but slightly so.  When I go on vacation I like to have a list of possible restaurants to visit, sights to see and places to go and I like to have the basic information on hand of hours of operation, ticket prices etc.  I do this not to spoil the holiday air or to remove any possibility of impulsivity, but instead to define my choices, make the best use of my time, and increase my opportunities.  If for example a particular event occurs only on Wednesdays at 7pm I can keep that in mind instead of finding out on Thursday that I've missed that opportunity.  As I outlined already I hate wasting my time or having it wasted.

Unsurprisingly this habit of mine extends to gaming.