Tuesday, 26 May 2015

"Doing it All" - The Old World

In moving all of my characters back to Azeroth proper and deciding to 'finish' each expansion with the entire group before moving on, I've created a rather large project for myself.

Some may wonder what I mean by finishing, and how precise I am going to be.  I've decided on quest completion, dungeon and raid completion, reputation capping and complete recipe collection.  They all feed into one another since there are quests in instances, rep gains in instances, and recipes are everywhere. 

To assist others who may wish to follow this path, I've set down some information to help you get started and see where your road is going to take you.  For now, since this represents the next month or two of playing, we'll just look at the Old World.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Micro-Post: The Glyph Industry

I just read this reply to a thread on a forum I belong to.  I nearly spat out my tea when I read it.  Thanks for the laugh, Z-Man.

Enjoy :)

"The glyph industry truly brings out the martyrs. They're like monks copying manuscripts by candlelight, their work the only thing standing between civilization and the darkness of the Apocalypse. If prices are allowed to rise, then demons will sweep from the sky and eat all the innocents. If you undercut one of their auctions, then demons will sweep from the sky and eat all the innocents because the monk can't afford to buy candles (made from orphans...excuse me, made by orphans).

They can't be reasoned with - they're righteous and you're evil. The only option is to brimstone the entire server - orphans and all - to convince them that maybe civilization saving would be more successful somewhere else."

Through the Darkness: A Theory

It's been my experience in life that there is a reason for virtually everything.  Sometimes the reason is obvious and sometimes it's buried deep and you have to play detective to find the answer to the question "why".  The harder reasons to find are the most interesting to me because they present an intellectual challenge.  You have to find the points on the line in the darkness and without knowledge of which tangents they might lie.

So let's muck our way through the darkness...

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Planning My Life Behind the Curve

I've begun my new life as a has-been in earnest and turned my back on the dung-hill that is Draenor.  The first act was to move everyone back to Stormwind and delete their Garrison Hearthstones.  Then I hit the bank and socked away everything Warlords related - all the follower upgrade tokens, the crafting mats etc - and wham, instant bag space.  Then I hotkeyed a flying mount back into it's accustomed slot and whoo hoo, to the skies baby!

It ... felt ... wonderful.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

New Game Same As The Old Game

Well, I am officially bored to tears with current 'content'.  I cannot bring myself to do one more round of Garrison chores.  Individually they take little time, but multiple that by 9 and it eats up most of a session and all of my enthusiasm.  So I'm done.  Combine that with the arrogance that is Blizzard, the lack of story progression, the machete job that was done to professions, the glacial pace of development, and it makes things rather grim.

There is the allure of Tanaan Jungle of course, but then there is also Timewalker Dungeons and Mythic Dungeons.  So, we have a little bit of new and a whole lot of old.  Since the entire theme of this expansion seems to have shifted to "either sit in this Skinner Box for 2 years or go do old content which we will wrap in a red ribbon so you idiots think it's new", I'm going one better and I'm going to sit in old content.