Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Planning My Life Behind the Curve

I've begun my new life as a has-been in earnest and turned my back on the dung-hill that is Draenor.  The first act was to move everyone back to Stormwind and delete their Garrison Hearthstones.  Then I hit the bank and socked away everything Warlords related - all the follower upgrade tokens, the crafting mats etc - and wham, instant bag space.  Then I hotkeyed a flying mount back into it's accustomed slot and whoo hoo, to the skies baby!

It ... felt ... wonderful.

Now, since I'm a 'plan' kind of girl, I have to set out a working agenda for myself.  I have 9 100s, six on my main account and 3 on the secondary, and if I recall correctly I think I have another at 98(ish).  So for now I will concentrate on the main 6, then the 3(4) on the other account.

The first course of action will be to clear out all 1-60 content (Azeroth proper).  This constitutes all quests, all dungeons, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, AQ10 and AQ40, all vendor recipes and reputations.  Not all reps, mind you.  I'm never going to do the Insane grind, so I'm ignoring Ravenholdt, the goblins cities and the pirates, oh and PvP factions too, not working on those.  But I am insisting on doing all Alliance reps plus Argent Dawn, Brood of Nozdormu, Cenarion Circle, Darkmoon Faire, Hydraxian Waterlords and Thorium Brotherhood.

I'm also going to fill in missing general and profession achievements as I go, and level up the secondary professions on all who aren't already capped.

The raid reps will obviously take an enormous amount of time (I have 40ish runs of MC to go on Ecc), so I'm not going to let those hold me back from moving on.  Once the quests are cleared and I've run each dungeon and raid once on each character, I'll move the set of toons on to Outland and begin there afresh.

So far I've run Eccentrica through the world and I've tidied up lingering stuff in Eastern Kingdoms.  I am now in Kalimdor, with 4 more dungeons to run and 7 more zones to fly over and check my quest list for.  As far as rep goes, all she has left to complete is Tushui Pandaren (almost there - 75% of the way through Revered) and Hydraxian Waterlords (just into Revered).  I should be done with her tonight.  Then I'll pick up the next on the list, Deathvixen. She has significantly more to do.

I am hoping to have everyone through Azeroth and on to Outland by the end of June.

Since I plan to never put one red cent into Blizzard again, I'll be sure to keep a minimum of one token in the bags of a banker on each account so I can token-renew when needed.  Gold income will of course turn from a deluge to a dribble with the garrison-faucet turned off, so I'll sell off the contents of my two guild banks, and then revert to herbing/mining/skinning for my dinner.  The occasional duplicate pet sale and mog gear sale will help too, of course.

I'm really looking forward to this.  I've wanted to 'do' everyone properly for ages, but have been stuck in the grind - not wanting to get left behind.  Intentionally being behind is rather liberating



  1. Awesome stuff, Eccy. I applaud you for going back and doing it all. You *are* using the Tabards for rep in Dungeons, right? You must be, because that's the only way to get Tushi Pandaren.

    BTW: I know you don't follow the WoW website or forums or anything, but I made a post about what Garrisons force people to do, and linked your blog. Got some good responses, and good ideas from people on how to cut down on the grind. Even got one person saying they're essentially doing the same thing.


  2. I wondered why the traffic spike today with the forums as a source. Thanks for the link-love. Got to go check that out now.